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stephanie stierli
August 17, 2020

I am and always have been a person with many interests. A multiple being. This aspect in me was not always very well understood, it was even scolded many times in my childhood.

I don't know how many times I've heard that I had no focus or even that I was too unmotivated. But on the contrary, the reality is that I am an extremely curious person. I love to study several subjects, I have many skills and areas of interest. After all, I am the daughter of a creative mother, and of a father who retains knowledge about any subject; as I call him, my own personal walking Encyclopedia.

However, I believe that the first time I came across this question consciously, it was in the dreadful task of the fourth grade, in which it was necessary to write an essay on the following topic; “What do you want to be when you grow up?”… I remember staring at the blank page for hours and not being able to think of any profession that I could do for the rest of my life. (To this day, thinking far into the future like that gives me anxiety and paralyzes me.) But it wasn't because I didn't care about anything, in fact, it was because I wanted to be so many things; veterinarian, filmmaker, artist, architect, chef, actress, psychologist, writer ... Anyway, for me, there was an entire universe of possibilities. Well, etc be fair I still believe that.

One day, a dear friend sent me a video of Emilie Wapnick and it all made sense! She organized into words what I always felt. According to her, society is built in such a way that we value the work of the specialists, who completely masters a single theme and becomes a reference on this particular subject. However, as she explains, multipotentialites (as she calls us) have hidden superpowers: We are fast learners. We are so curious that when we study a new subject, and because we've already studied so many things, we learn it at a fast-pace; We are adaptable beings and capable of carrying out various functions; We are not afraid to start over, we have been beginners so many times, that we have become courageous, the fear of the new doesn't paralyze us. And I believe that most importantly, we are CREATIVES, we are able to see possibilities where others only see dead ends.

Don't forget, however, that action is key! Put your potentials to work. Being multipotentialite is no excuse for standing still. You may be feeling lost at the moment, but to get out of it you need to take the first step, have discipline and planning. It does not mean that you need to choose only one path and focus solely on it. For, even if you have studied a subject and given up afterward, remember that no acquired knowledge is ever wasted in your human experience. Just start something, don't be paralyzed; seek, move, explore to the fullest your multipotentiality aspect.

And now, more than ever, I hope that people recognize the need to engage multipotentialite beings. The time has come to invent new ways of seeing the world, new ways of living in this world. Keep following your curiosity!


This text is part of a series of contents written by the creative and blog contributor Stephanie Stierli. As a storyteller, Stephanie is passionate about studying human behavior, this experience on earth, and creativity. As a "multipotentialite", she’s a filmmaker, a therapist and an artist. As her personal point of view, and how she’s wired, life shouldn’t be limited to a single passion or path. Her curiosity guides her to explore multiple areas. As a critical thinker, her goal is to provoke change and help people to escape the norm and explore new realities. Graduated in Social Communications, with a specialization in Filmmaking, Stephanie has work experience in feature films, series, and advertisement. As a floral therapist, she helps people with their personal self-discovery and living a more balanced life. Nevertheless, art is the way she found to express herself and explore all her potential.

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