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August 24, 2020

3 advices to nourish our body, mind, and soul.


We all live in systems. That’s a fact. Most of the time we are in the middle of different systems: family, friends, education, life goals, lifestyle, etc. And there’re endless options of actions within theses systems, sometimes we are more active, sometimes we just follow their flows, some of them we are conscious about, some of them just drag us in and we feel a little bit lost.

Even though we live in systems and we are able to have a systemic life, we can’t just ally it with discipline and live like robots, as powerful unstoppable machines - at least not for too long. In a short period of time, we are going to feel exhausted and burned out. That means we’ve missed something important: nutrition.

I’m not talking only about what we eat - our bio-mechanic fuel. We need nutrition for our minds and souls as much as we need for our bodies. So here are 3 helpful advices to connect yourself with your kind of nutrients:

Image by Maja Juzwiak



I’m not here to give you diet advice, actually, it’s the opposite. I encourage you to eat and drink everything that makes you happy. But take your time and enjoy it! It doesn’t help you if you are just eating to staying alive or to fulfill a need and you’re not even paying attention to what’s on your plate. Want to grab a snack before dinner? No problem. Want to eat that delicious burger and desert on a Monday lunch? Go for it. If you really want it. But make it occasional. 

Our bodies need certain types of nutrients to function well, they also need lots of water. So enjoy your favorite dish, but pay attention to what you are consuming on a daily basis. It’s not that special chocolate piece that you ate that matters to your health. But it’s the amount, frequency and type of chocolate you eat every day. You get it, right?!

To help you find a balanced nutrition plan for yourself, consult a doctor, and learn how to take care of your body. 


Talking about mind nutrition, I rather advise you on unliteral food. Nourishing our minds is about eating the right kinds of food, but also about consuming different references, music, artists, entertainment, etc.

And here we need to be very careful. Literally everything that we see leaves a mark on our minds. We may not remember them, but they’re on our mind’s files. If you’re a type of person that stays all day in front of the TV watching sensationalists news, when it’s time to be creative, your new ideas will be very similar to those news. Probably full of violence and so.

We need to avoid consuming things that don’t make sense to our lives e occupy our time nourishing our minds with things that will help us live the life we want, be the person we want to be.


Nowadays I’m less spiritualist than I used to be in the past. I don’t go to churches nor pray every night. But still, I try my best to nourish my spirit.

I’m not talking about the religious spirit or soul, you can actually call it heart if you want. Just as similar to our body and mind, our soul needs good nutrition to bloom. Use your discipline to make time for regular meditation sessions, for moments of joy, for your family and friends, for your hobbies, for whatever makes you happy.

Try to keep yourself as light as possible through adversities and remember to nourish your soul.

Image by Maja Juzwiak

4.Bonus tip: systems.

Our systems need nutrition too. First of all, try to bring to your consciousness the most important systems you are in. Keeping track of them is a way of being aware of their flows without getting trapped in them.

You also need to filter which systems are good to you. Sometimes we need more distance from our family system, sometimes from our work system. Be prepared to let go of what doesn’t make sense to you.

Nourish the systems you want to grow, the people, and habits inside these systems so they can grow with you too. All of our relations are alive and pulsing.

Let me know about your nutrition plans for body, mind, soul, and systems?


This post was written by Heloisa Vilicic. She is a storyteller and project assistant of the studio. Tells stories of people, brands and places trough design, writing, photography, and art. She's passionate about off-road adventures, so she uses to design days that allow her to live like this. She's always worked with communication focused projects, either for companies like the business school Conquer or as a freelancer for companies like OnLine press. As a student, she's been trough Universidade Belas Artes and Melies and is now a student at a graduation course of languages.

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