hello human

i am kaju.

my art is what gives me a good life

i make art with a systemic view, uniting discipline to a pro-active imagination. Constantly developing new skills and transforming compositions into provocative movements and moments of reflection to those observing it. This is why clients and avant-garde companies choose me to transform their visions into reality with creative projects and disruptive experiences.


it's all about ART

everything really began with an attitude, of wanting to open myself to the world, of leaving a positive and sensible impact on people’s lives.



it's something very present in my life from my early years. Discipline. Therefore mutual respect, management of time, deadlines, work value, negotiation and punctuality are all part of my creative business.


i'm a Creative Entrepreneur

my personal and professional life became one. And in this understanding I realized the connection between art and business - between discipline and creativity, chaos and order. Here's a little more about me.

an artistic online a(u)ction to raise funds to an australian community
the otter gang : a deconstruction of the self
wallpapers and more, for unique interior designs
hypnotic lines for a therapist
a body meets art, that meets a body
connecting levels and spaces
lines flow through an apartment
"(des)cobre" conceptual project, art direction, performance
live art on a Mercedes (yes) in partnership with Pullman Hotels
  • 400+
    unique arts
  • many countries

Swiss competence with a Brazilian heart and strenght.

Diogo Cortês Luz
founder and community manager
Osmose Coworking

I like to say that I started as a supplier, and then became a client, a partner and finally a friend! Her initial approach is always very direct and professional. The delivery always exceeded expectations because she transforms the work into a unique experience to every client. No doubt I would hire her again, because everything she provided me continues to be used in my daily operations. I would def recommend her, as I have done a few times before! Kalina for me is Swiss competence with a Brazilian heart and strenght, always very sensitive to the new, that's why I'm so interested in her art and life, I believe it's someone in constant search for the new!

a truly special work of art.

Zoe, Camilla and Olav
Initiative Forum 2019 YIP hosts, Sweden

The way you were so open to possibilities, going with the flow and collaborating with us and the participants created a truly special work of art that represented the journey and continues to live on!

it was not only the "delivery of one more art", but a whole process designed for the best possible result.

Karine Nobre
supply chain specialist

I really enjoyed kaju's support from the very first conversations and demands we had to meet. It was a complete and thoughtful process that matured with each conversation. Of course I would hire again, and I would recommend the experience! It was a very positive one. It was not only the "delivery of one more art", but a whole process designed for the best possible result.

she is part of our DNA!

Daniel and Elias
co-founders, Espaço Fit Eventos

The experience as a whole was excellent. We would hire kaju again, because she is already part of our DNA. We would like to keep following and hear more about the success of kaju as an artist and as a person. And we would gladly recommend her to anyone.

an identity to the environment in an authentic and fluid way.

Monike Lafuente
co-founder, Studio Tan-Gram

I love kaju's art. The touch of color in an elegant way. She gives an identitity to the environment in an authentic, different and fluid way. Her precision with the lines is just amazing.

proud to have worked with companies like:

and I believe everyone can live well as an artist.

and if you, such as me, want to leave a positive mark in the world while receiving a positive income and without losing your creative side, I can help you. I'm developing a methodology that combines art, business and lifestyle to bust the myth that it's hard to live as an artist. There's a method behind the chaos. Just like art has it.

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