June 25, 2019

One day I woke up feeling the need to express myself in some other way. Not necessarily through my own texts or my art, but to connect the subjective expression of the art, to the daily human routine. Two universes that surround my creative life. The creativity and rationality. The mind and the body. The performance and the subjective message of art. The energy that flows within ourselves and that connects to others. The power to create a positive impact. To be an agent of expression. A manifest.

A series of photographies where I appear coloured in copper, expressing the strength of the nude in a movement of "depersonalization" (the feeling that the body or some of its parts do not form a unit). In my vision, the body is first and foremost a conductor of vital energy and must be harnessed and respected, preserving its physical and mental health. The nude came as an instance to express what is most intimate in me, stripping myself of all social apparatus and putting myself only as an organic machine in contact with my context.

photography: Felipe Watanabe

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