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what are you feeding your soul with?

kalina juzwiak
June 23, 2019

what are you feeding your soul with?

how do you perceive the world around you?

i'm talking about observing and absorbing.

what are you reading?

who are you talking to?

who are you relating to?

what are the places you go out to?

where do you choose to eat?

your surroundingthe way you walk.

the way you talk.

what you think.

what you eat.

how you move.

what moves you?

I see all this as part of nutrition. We nourish ourselves with our own thoughts and beliefs. And also of those around us. Family, friendships, relationships in general. What we read, what we study, the environments we choose to be in. We make exchanges. We give a little piece of ourselves, and we also receive something in return. The awareness that you have of yourself in situations or relationships. The perception of your behaviour. I don't see nutrition just as the act of eating something. Diets, restrictions, choices, food labels that we put on to define ourselves. This is only a small part of what our body (and soul) takes in to move us around. Going into that hippie talk? You can call it whatever you want, but to me it is something very pragmatic. I will give you an example; how many of you have not already set a dinner with a friend. A little before you go, or even during the afternoon before the dinner, you get caught in the desire of not going. Why? You don't know exactly, you just feel it. But you insist, and you go. A conversation that doesn’t flow. An exchange that may not add up at that moment. Complaints, negativity. (Yes, I'm really stereotyping a situation here, because it can happen - or rather, if we really reflect on it - it has probably happened to many of us. Maybe all of us? With me for sure. Let’s keep going...) During dinner your mind starts to wander. You are no longer so present. You start thinking about your endless to do list, about your love that awaits you at home, about the call you didn't make to your mother and told her you would. You feel the need (or almost an urgency) to leave. Yes, he is your friend. How horrible to think that. Is it? Yes, he may be your friend, but at that moment that meeting might not have made sense. Will this person stop being your friend? Not necessarily. But perhaps so. Or maybe at another time you can meet again in life. You come home a little tired, feeling that little need of an energy boost. You open the fridge, hoping that you will find something to make up for that feeling. A chocolate, a piece of bread. A simple or complex carbohydrate. Sugar, salt. Saturated or unsaturated fats.

Are you really hungry?

What is your body really missing?

What did you eat that night?

The exchange with other humans, the place you were, thoughts, beliefs. Maybe a glass of wine, or a few more, in an attempt to make the situation a bit more lighter. The next day you feel the urge to share what happened - with a friend, a colleague. "You have no idea how painful it was to meet “xx”. “He said this and that.” "What a vibe." Or simply thoughts that pass through our mind, almost unconsciously. The unconscious that becomes conscious. Yes, you are feeding yourself with all of that. Okay, relationships - check.

But what about food itself? "What's it like to live with a food restriction?" "Don't you feel like just going off at some point?" Let's create a parallel image of the dinner with the friend. In this case the friend is a combination of a hamburger (very greasy one), accompanied by fries and a soda of any color you want. (Yes, I am again stereotyping, to illustrate my example in almost an extreme way) You eat, you feel at aw, you lick your fingers until there is nothing left. Maybe half an hour later you feel extremely satisfied - or maybe that feeling of "gee, I ate too much". Your body begins it’s process of digestion. Industrialized and refined products, sugars, fats. It takes a while to understand what is really flowing inside the system. What can it actually absorb to keep moving. In the process it ends up absorbing things that it wouldn't necessarily feel as nutrients, but it feels the need to do it anyway. The machine needs fuel to keep working. And then, from this point let’s create two possible scenarios.

Scenario 01:

The body has digested, absorbed - or not - some nutrients. Was that enough? No. "Hey, human, I need more energy. You didn't give me exactly what I needed. I want more!” And even with that feeling that you ate too much, you think, a sweet maybe? Or maybe now, during an afternoon movie session, a bucket of popcorn with butter and salt? Another soda? (Yes, I am overreacting -  a little. But then again, am I?) And so you enter a vicious cycle of giving energy, but the body always asks for more. And I won't even get into the chemistry behind the food. Chemistry in the sense of micro and macro nutrients. The type of fuel and its substances. Sugars and industrial processes. Finally, that study that sugar is more addictive than cocaine. (Ok, now you’ve gone totally of grid. I have no idea what your talking about? Say hi to your friend Google, maybe he will bring you some insights on the sugar vs cocaine matter)

Time for Scenario 02:

You ate what you wanted and felt awesome. That’s all you wanted for your Sunday lunch. And then, at night, you get overflowed with that feeling: "Oh Gosh, I did it again" "Why did you let me eat that?" Tomorrow I’m starting a diet. I have to. A major detox. Green juices. Only salads. Guilt. Suffering. Restrictions. "I can't eat, I'm on a diet." "Baby, don't even think about eating this chocolate bar in front of me. It feels like a torturing chamber" But in the afternoon, when you feel that urge to beat the fatigue while you're sitting at your desk. Your eyes start becoming really heavy. Your focus seems to have wandered away, never to come back. Energy. I need energy. Just a little piece of chocolate. Really, a small one. Or maybe a coffee. Or two, or three. Or maybe an attempt to escape from all of this. A distraction. "A cigarette - that’s what I need." Sugar, cigarette. The sugar vs cocaine study. I could create a few (or a lot) of daily scenarios to illustrate our relationships to other humans or to food itself. But i’ll leave an invitation for you to reflect on it, okay?

And then you might think: "Oh man, you are totally exaggerating!” And then I ask you back: am I? And that’s all I can actually ask you. I (probably) don’t know you well. I don't know what moves you. I don't know what kind of energy you need. How much energy you need. How you use your energy. In what. For what. I don't know. But do you know?

What moves you? How does it move you? What is the effect of what you eat? And again, "feed" in the broader sense of the word. To see beyond. The way you perceive yourself and how you connect to your own system. How you observe and absorb your context. The choices. Food. The habits. With time I understood that this is all connected - and coming - from me. Yes, it is part of self-knowledge. And this does not happen overnight. It is a process of learning, listening, of connecting with ourselves.

If I eat something, what does it do to my body?

With my energy level?

With my focus, with my mind, my thoughts.

How I feel in a few hours.

The next day?

And understand that they are processes and cycles during this journey.

Do you remember the friend's story? He doesn't have to stop being your friend. Just like you don't need to be restricted to "not eating anything.” It's about balance. About the moment. About that cycle you are living at that time. Yes, we need to understand that we work in cycles. The nature does so and we are part of it. Autumn, winter, spring, summer. Phases of the moon. The cycle of growth. The seeds that blossom as flowers. The leaf that falls, decomposes and fertilizes the soil. We have phases. Cycles. Phases of seeding and blooming, and each moment requires a type of fuel. There are days that you want to go out with all your friends. Play it hard. Dance like there was no tomorrow. And there are days that a glass of wine and a good movie are more than enough. Moments. Needs. To listen and respect yourself. And I won't even go deep into women's cycles. Yes, women, we have other cycles than men will never have. And every moment of the body, this complex and hyper-connected organism, has different needs. It consumes and gives energy. It keeps working and moving, regardless of what you are giving it.

Great. We have come this far. (Thank you for staying with me

But what does this have to do with creativity for example? The answer is simple. Everything!

We demand so much from our body. I need to be creative now. I need to be focused now. And yes, it does. We do.

But what are you giving back?

Our body is in constant motion.

It transforms itself.I

t is our home.

And it talks.

Oh yes baby, it talks.

Are you listening to the effect of what you are feeding yourself?

To know what moves you, at whatever speed you need at that moment.

To be aware of your thoughts.

To be aware of your needs.

To nourish and receive.

Just like a relationship, you give a little and receive a little.

Get to know what you are feeding every cell of your body.

Really know what you are being.

Enjoy being here.

Feel that you are alive.

To be connected to your heart.

To be aware and present.

Look at yourself in the mirror - really look into your eye.

What do you see?

What do you feel?

And then I ask you again, what are you REALLY feeding your soul with?

You create consciousness.

You understand what gives you energy and what doesn't.

What is simple and what is complex.

A positive cycle.

A blossoming environment.

Your own environment of flow, thoughts, creations and relationships.

One step at a time.

But steps big enough, for you to feel the change.

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