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to understand, express and sell

kalina juzwiak
July 28, 2019
arte & negócios
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To understand, express and sell.

These are the three main frontlines I have built my work on. My art. My business. It took me some time to divide so many studies and experiences into only three sections. It’s a simple way of putting it. A summary of connections between different disciplines and inspirations. Labels that help me putting things into order - and for you to understand how I might give you some insights on your journey.

To understand,

is the base. Where everything starts. The digging in into your own soul, needs and desires. Who are you?  What do you want for yourself?  What are you doing to get you there?  What does your surrounding look like?  Does the context, you are inserted in, nourish your objectives? Your creativity?  Your soul?  What are your strengths and the elements that you have the power to develop?  Or maybe those you will need a little push from someone else? 

Yes, questions! There are so many of them. I will ask them to you, but so will you, to yourself. It’s really a moment for you to get to know what really moves you. To create your own triggers and leverage points. To get to know, build and start owning your system.

To understand the power of observation. The change of perspectives. To understand that discipline is a thread that connects and serves as a guideline to all the elements present in your life. And to see creativity as a tool to act within your systems. Yes, systems thinking - applied to a personal sphere - will be used a tool here.

This is a phase where we (yes, you and me - and whoever else is interested) will have some self knowledge talk. No worries, I’m not into that super alternative “kumbaiá” kind of method, but rather a very pragmatic one. Nothing against alternative, I have been there, done that, and am still interested in it. However, in this scenario, a more practical approach made more sense to me. We are talking business. With a creative touch. Inside a universe of art. Of the expression of the intimacy. So yes, we gotta look a bit inside, before stepping outside. 

Ok kaju, but I’m not necessarily an artist, does this phase also concern me? I’d say: yes! The way I have designed this phase - and we humans are built - it’s always interesting to have a look inside. If you are a creative, an entrepreneur, a business person. Why not? I will show and give you some tools, tricks and insights about systems thinking, discipline as a guideline to connect you to your goals, and the understanding that creativity can be part of everyone’s personal and working routine -  it is not a gift for few, but rather a tool to be used in everyone’s favor. 

To express,

is the first step out. Have you ever experienced a state of flow? Do you want to understand more about imagination and creation? To unblock, discover and express creativity? To be creative is to connect to our inner emotions. To look inside and then to express it out. It’s not thinking, it’s feeling. And letting it flow. This is my pure and intuitive artist talking, teaching and connecting to your artist. We will unleash this creativity of yours. Loosen it a bit up. Even if you have never again, since you were a kid, allowed yourself to draw - dont' be afraid. This could be a really cool exercise to just let it flow. With no fear, no judgement, no boundaries. If you are an artist starting or already working in your field, this can also be something for you. There is always some room for a little further exploration. To express, but also to develop whatever you are working on. It is an important step, to actually understand why you do what you do, so you can then talk real business.

To sell,

Yes, to sell! That tabu that the artist can’t sell his own pieces - or even live from their own art. If you start looking at your creations as part of a business, it is possible. Been there, done that. So I’m here to give you a hand - or maybe a little push - to find your way during a certain period. For how long? Well, let’s understand your scenario and define that together.

What are you made of? What are you working on right now? Are you creating a series, or getting ready for an exhibition? What you are creating, really reflects who you are? Do you need a hand with analysing your points of contact? Your target groups? Your personal branding? A little push to your presence in the market? It’s all about what your creation means to you. What it expresses, your identity, the way you are selling it, why you are selling it. Art is expression, it’s intimacy, it’s expression. How are you really expressing yourself - out there? 

Each phase, each box, section, mentioned above is interdependent from the other. Everything is a big system (yes, will write a bit more about that soon). When you develop or move a part, the whole system moves. In your favour - or not. It’s up to you. You can do them separately, pick only one, or just combine them slowly as part of your system. It’s up to you!

Ok, you’ve come this far. And still want to know a bit more? 

No worries, I have a little summary of each section here (scroll down a bit and you will find it), and if you still have other questions about formats, possibilities, ideas, your specific scenario, calendars and prices, don’t hesitate in saying hello.

I am here for you :)


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