arte & terapia

to be an artist is to walk naked

kalina juzwiak
November 1, 2019

“Subjective” they say. Art is something seen as so abstract, so intangible. I acknowledge it might be for some. But I like to see art as a bridge between the most intimate universes of human beings and their context. It is actually a tool that transforms the most abstract feelings, experiences and interpretations into something real. It turns thinking into something physical. Feelings into something talkable. Experiences to be shared. To be translated. 

For an artist, being able to express this universe that lies inside, is a way of relief. It’s expressing fears, anxieties, passions.. good or bad things that just need to come out. That need to be exposed. That need to be expressed, in order for them to become abstract. To detach from the insides, to gain another perspective and to be seen from the outside. It might feel uncomfortable. It might be an exposure. It makes us feel naked. So naked….

And I believe that is exactly why many artists are afraid of actually putting their work out there. That many artists create, for their own sanity, but then, in a deep layer, somehow expect to be seen. To be understood. We all know we are living a time of overloading information, of over exposure. The comparison seems inevitable. Am I ever gonna make it? Am I enough? Do I have something to contribute to the world? How can I stand out from the crowd? Is this what I create truly original? 

I say we are looking way too much to what is around us - instead of taking the time to really look at what is inside. What is it that needs to come out?  What is it that I want? What is it that I want to make? We need to make more time to investigate and actually have an intimate relationship with ourselves - before being able to have a relationship with the outside. As it is said - love yourself before loving someone else. Well, the same is applied to art. Love all that, that needs to come out. In whatever way it comes out. Again, might it be good or bad, it is part of you. And just you. There is no right or wrong. There is no control. There is no way of comparing those intimate layers that lie within you. Our minds and our bodies are unique. The way we absorb the world is unique. We are what we are. And to be true to ourselves - and to be true to the world, and to be true to our art, we just gotta make the time to be ourselves. And that itself is unique. And that is authentic. And that will feel truly original. What people see, how people react, if they like it or not - doesn’t really matter. The reaction does not belong to you. Only your own action. 

And the action of stripping out and allowing yourself to be naked, will feel as if you are dressed in the most beautiful layers you ever wore.


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