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how to (re)decor during lockdown

July 27, 2020

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5 personal tips for those who cannot stand the current home decor since the start of social distancing.

I doubt that there's someone who hasn't thought already on being creative during the lockdown. Either baking some new recipe, trying to make your own bangs or gathering the kids to recreate a do it yourself you've found online, we are more and more creative -  and also tired of staying at home with the same view every day.

At these times there's a crazy will to re-decor our whole house, right?! Just go easy on that... before you go shopping all the stock of exotic colours of wall-paint without having any idea on how to use them, we've selected some basic tips where just the inclusion of artworks already makes big changes in a room.

wall art

art by kalina juzwiak | @bykaju

One of the most original ways of having artwork at home. This kind of art brings life to the room, it really transforms the whole environment. But it's important to remember that it'll be in focus, so it probably won't match with shelves in front of it, for example.

set of fine art prints

art by kalina juzwiak / @bykaju / image: revista Casa & Jardim

Are you looking for turning a boring wall into a special place? Try creating a set with 2 or more complementary canvas. For that, using fine art prints is an excellent solution: instead of download free pics on the internet, you can support your favorite artists by buying their artworks and empower this (your) community. This kind of practical decor requires investment in good printing material, this way you'll ensure quality and longevity to the artworks and you can still arrange the set in different ways as time passes by.

original artwork

art by kalina juzwiak / @bykaju

This is the classic tip for non-conventional people. An original painting is always a big happening in the house. It has unique details, you can feel closer to the creative process and still have an exclusive piece. This is a great option for someone who searches for something a bit more traditional but yet interesting. And sometimes you can also order a commissioned work with specifics themes or colours. Amazing, isn't it?!


art by kalina juzwiak / @bykaju / image by estúdio Dmaiz

Here's an option for those who like to dare using good taste. It's wrong to think that wallpapers are dull or less valuable than the other pieces. It completely personalizes the room, and it also brings a refined touch of art easy to compose with furniture and objects that you may have already. A precious tip for those who want to bring art in small steps to the environment.

touches of art on design objects

art by kalina juzwiak / @bykaju

Are you in a tight budget or avoiding radical changes? Try gradually changing your decor by incorporating objects full of art. Our tip here is for you to substitute common items like pillows and small carpets for pieces signed by artists, etc. A charm at a time, without committing with suddenly changing the whole decor.

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This post was written by Heloísa Vilicic. She is a storyteller. Tells stories of people, brands and places trough design, writing, photography, and art. She's passionate about off-road adventures, so she uses to design days that allow her to live like this. She's always worked with communication focused projects, either for companies like the business school Conquer or as a freelancer for companies like OnLine press. As a student, she's been trough Universidade Belas Artes and Melies and is now a student at a graduation course of languages.

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