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context of my essentialism

September 14, 2020
empreendedorismo feminino

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Context of my essentialism


In 22 years I’ve already lived in 14 different places - counting only those where I’ve stayed 3 months, at least. Also, I’ve always been part of a family and group of friends that like to travel, so, beyond the moving, I’ve always been on the road. By the time you need to pack all of your stuff in a short period, you begin to become lazy about accumulating things, because you know you’ll have to deal with them and when you're packing them up and placing them in the new house, the less the better.  

During college, I attended classes 25km away from home and worked in a different city. I spent the whole day on the run, crossing cities on public transport, every day. My whole life had to fit inside the backpack that followed me everywhere. 

When it all got calmer, I’ve moved unofficially to the coast. Let me explain: my boyfriend and I went to the coast to spend a couple of weeks at the beach, relaxing and adjusting plans, we were both in big changing times. Soon enough we’ve realized that we wanted to stay longer, for an indeterminate period. Without moving officially, I didn’t have much to carry with me too, again my personal life was packed in a backpack and my professional life in another one.

At the beginning of this year (2020) I came back to São Paulo, provisionally back to my parent’s house, until I could find a place to call my own. By the irony of all our lives, there was the global coronavirus pandemic and I’ve chosen to stay with my boyfriend until things got back to normal and we could move again, but now officially. 

Time has passed by and I’m still in this temporary situation. And as I write this I realize that maybe I’m in it for a few years now, some kind of urban nomad. In this whole context, it’s very simple to review priorities, especially those you can see, touch, and pile up.

During one of my movements with my family, I ended up with a small space to put all my clothes on, and in a wave of unattachment, I’ve heard for the first time about the concepts of minimalism and capsule closet. It seemed perfect since everything I had was one wardrobe set (without drawers). And then I dived deeper into these concepts and have started deciding - consciously - about the kind of life I wanted to live.

Step by step I’ve donated the clothes I didn’t like, but I thought that in one blessed day there’d a signal that I should wear them. Besides the clothes, I’ve donated almost everything I had that wasn't essential. I’ve only kept my art materials, most of my books, a few clothes, and a small box of memories.

 It’s a feeling of infinite freedom to begin this process of unattachment of what doesn’t make sense to us. It’s a progressive process, that requires maintenance so we don’t go back to pilling things up, but it allows us to focus on what matters in our lives.

 Our needs change as time passes by, and it’s time for me to review the things I’m carrying with me, so I can choose what still makes sense to me, what I need to let go and the spaces I need to open to new experiences.


This text is part of a series of contents written by the creative and project assistant of the studio Heloisa Vilicic who is a storyteller. Tells stories of people, brands, and places through design, writing, photography, and art. She's passionate about off-road adventures, so she uses to design days that allow her to live like this. She's always worked with communication focused projects, either for companies like the business school Conquer or as a freelancer for companies like OnLine press. As a student, she's been trough Universidade Belas Artes and Melies and is now a student at a graduation course of languages.

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