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a voice called intuition

kalina juzwiak
July 6, 2019

Have you ever had that feeling that you shouldn't leave home for a certain event?

Have you ever felt your heartbeat just a little faster when you meet a person, and then this same person becomes a friend for life?

Have you ever felt that you are in the right place at the right time?

We have many senses. Physical but also sensorial.

I feel that more and more of us have been disconnecting from these more sensitive senses by connecting - or absorbing - too much of our surrounding. And especially by letting the noises of the surrounding affect our inner voice. We listen and get very involved with other people’s thoughts and opinions. The networks. Virtual or not. We are erasing our internal voices. And who is paying the highest price is our own intuition.

They say that we have multiple senses, and it truly hurt my feelings to know that many people don't even acknowledge it. We have the capacity to absorb the world in various ways. It is a practice that requires a look inside and also outside. An exercise of presence and of clarity. Clarity in seeing and perceiving the world.

What feels right?

What feels wrong?

When you faced a moment that you had to be totally connected to yourself. Without asking your parents, friends, bosses or colleagues. What do you feel? The heart beats. Blood flows faster inside your veins. The blood may blush your cheeks. You feel a tight or a relieved heart. You feel a sudden urge to leave or to stay for a while longer. Does the situation repel or instigate you?

Intuition is that subtle layer that is beyond our initial focus of attention. The layer that is extremely present in our subconscious. Why do we need to measure everything? To have a "false" control over everything? Situations, companies, meetings and encounters. We tend to avoid the unknown, because takes us out of our comfort. We avoid change. That constant feeling of sitting on a Ferris wheel, going round and round, without much purpose besides admiring a distant landscape.

For some time I was also this person. Not necessarily the one on the Ferris wheel, but someone who didn’t really trust my intuition. Filters, masks and external limitations became the answer to intrinsic wills of my being. I kept my inner voice shut down for a long time. But with this attitude I also extinguished a small flame inside of me. The power to be present with my own silence. I silenced the nature that was asking to flower from within me.

But I guess sometimes we need to disconnect from ourselves to feel the power that connection really has. To feel and trust the voice that dwells within us. It is part of us. It represents the most intimate connection with our being. To really live, we must be open to fail. The dive, without knowing what is underneath, is not limiting, but rather liberating. 

It is the connection. The vitality. The energy.

Emotions, feelings, visions and imagination. A borderless nature. An inner compass capable of showing us the best way to navigate our own experiences.


tip to further studies on the matter: I recommend the documentary called Innsaei : the power of intuition


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