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live well as an artist.

is it possible to live well
as an artist?

is it possible to live well as an artist?

we have all heard that it is impossible to live from art.

“in brazil? even worse!” 

but who knows me a bit, got to know that this is not true, because I do live well from my art.

and it’s not just that:

it is very possible to live well as an artist. And I even allow myself to say: "especially in Brazil." São Paulo is “the place” to do, find and sell whatever you want. It is a business and cultural center, that is eager on consuming the good things. What does that even mean?

well, a lot of people are willing to invest in innovative projects and people. And yes of course: art. And that is when we, artists, step in, into these humans lives.

"it's easy because you
have a talent"

wait a minute, you might think - "privileges, talent, contacts". Yes, I’ve heard it all. A lot of humans tell (or tell others) that it’s just easy in my case.

i used to be angry with these comments. But you know what? Today, I just smile. Because in the end of the day, I’m the only one who really knows what took me to this point in time and space.

I won't lie, I had a lot of help during countless years of my journey. This is part of the process. And anyone who says “I did it by myself” - well I say “you are lying, or hiding the real truth.” So don’t worry, we are all learning, and need a little push from time to time.

but it is also true, that during at least 6 years of this journey, I am independent through my own creations. Some days, and all the others too, from my art. Oh! And, another thing I have learned in the process, is that with whatever belief, religion or context we are born in, we will always be stuck in time, if we don’t change our own attitudes. The past is the past. What you choose to be now, is what makes the difference. As simple as that - for you, for me, and for everyone else.

so no, it’s not only about a talent. As I like to point out, I was once a child who used to draw funny humans, with big hands, a tree with apples, a smiley sun. Just like you. At some point I realised that my art wasn’t only my get away moment (after having a discussion with my parents or sisters - yes, I used to have a bit of a temper - or some might say, I still do :P ). Neither was it just a childhood hobby. But rather, that my art was a channel of pure emotional expression. The same emotions I many times struggled to find the words to describe.  Art is a simple and direct channel to my very energetic soul. A tool of translation of everything that I take in - and then expresso out.

let's get some context here.

okay, I might be digging a bit deep here! Let me step back for a bit…If you never saw my lines, well, my name is Kalina Juzwiak.

my friends and clients, call me kaju

I graduated in architecture and graphic design. I was always an interested and a good student (yes, a little nerdy :P ) and a little restless - as many say ;)

I have worked for companies, co-founded an architecture studio, an agency, a startup. I tried a lot of different things and today I’m totally focused on my art. Because I understood that this is what brings me true happiness, satisfaction and a big happy - even if it sometimes looks tired - smile. And a good and tasty meal in the end of the day. Yes, this is very important to me.

and this is exactly what I wan't to talk to you about:

creating an art business

how did I build a business through my art, even while going through trial and error? How do I manage to have a lot of clients - private and corporate ( I have worked with brands such as Jaguar, Montblanc, Rédken, Mercedes, Pullman Hotels…)? How do I get paid well, through the building of credibility, trust and consistency. And even more important than that, to live with such an energy, that I feel like hugging strangers on the street from time to time.

okay, maybe that’s a little too personal.

why am I telling you all of this?

you know, I am going to be honest here (once more), I never thought I could teach something to anyone. I was always the restless student of so many subjects. But for some time now I have been receiving requests and acknowledgments of humans that are inspired by my daily journey.

(thank you so much for that! For the love and the energy you send me to keep going.)

so this has added up to a gut feeling that I need to pass things on. Tips, techniques, tools and insights of how I, managed to transform my hobby, my passion, my expression, my art, into a lucrative - and happy - business. 
sometimes I ask myself: maybe it’s some kind of a mission?

i found a way. With a lot of help and discipline.

and yes, I had my hard moments. Still do. 

many people who see me walking on the streets of Zürich, in Switzerland - judge me - but the truth is, you have no idea of everything I went through to get here. To being able to travel around the world through my work.

disbelief of friends and family. Financial pressure. Self-sabotage, self-punishment, critique, health issues (yes, a few little burn-outs), and many tears.

it’s not always easy, and neither as fast as we wish. It wasn’t from one day to the other that my dreams became true. But here I am, doing it once more. And I wish to share with you all my studies, trainings, tools, self-knowledge paths, dedication - and so much more - of what got me to this point. To help you find the path of least resistance into making a difference through your own art. 

to live your life as an artist.
to live your art.

so, are you still interested?

let's Art chat.

I like talking about the art business. doesn't really matter how or where.
let's create something together?
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"As a consultant and as a personal leadership coach, I always feel a bit sceptical about workshops with flashy titles, but I decided to atend Kalina's one because of her intriguing background - an artist that lives well from her art... It almost went unnoticed, but suddenly we were all "in the zone", learning new tools, finding clarity around our personal projects and all in less than 1.3h"
Nil Roda-Naccari Noguera, consultant and personal leadership coach @ Initiative Forum in Sweden

thank you for sharing your time, presence, wisdom and experience.

Zoe, Camilla and Olav
Initiative Forum 2019 YIP hosts, Sweden

Thank you for your generous participation and involvement as a contributor in Roots to Routes - Initiative Forum 2019. Thank you for journeying with us and sharing your time, presence, wisdom and experience with the participants and with us as YIP 11 hosts. Having a group of contributors so full of trust, warmth and belief in us really supported us to step up as facilitators and organisers of this event. The way you were so open to possibilities, going with the flow and collaborating with us and the participants created a truly special work of art that represented the journey and continues to live on!

all contacts can be transformative, but especially those longer ones or more immersive.

Paula Mattos
customer care

kaju is always very affectionate and caring, before, during and after all encounters - from art, to lectures and workshops. All contacts can be transformative, but especially those longer ones or more immersive. They help to open our minds to our potentials and see the world in a different way.

an inspiring human being!

Natasha Barbosa
founder @ WeJam

a great professional, an exceptional artist, and an inspiring human being!

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so here's what I've been doing lately:

schools, companies and people have been hiring me to talk about all the aspects of my journey as an artist.


an open table or on a stage. I want share experiences. My own and about humans that crossed my path. The stories and cases that worked, and the ones that didn't. To give tips, tricks, exercises and insights of what it feels like to be living your art. To show the connections between creativity and discipline, chaos and order, art and business.


small or bigger groups. Short or one day long experiences. It is all possible and depends on the depth you want to jump into the exercises that will change your perspective. It’s individual, but it’s also collective. It’s about systems thinking and knowledge - one I will give away, and the one you will find inside yourself. Get ready to dive in - and out.


yes, an eye-to-eye experience. Off or online, depending on where you are in the world. Or where I am. Or even how far you are willing to take me. I will help you find your identity, or get ready for an exhibition, or understand how you are positioning yourself in the market. It can be a case, a project or a moment in your carrier. Let’s understand where you are standing and where I can help you get to. It’s all about the journey. It has a starting point and a time to end. And then, eventually, it starts all over again.

and this is what I've been talking about:

there's no recipe, but rather a method to the chaos.

understand your inner & outter systems

who are you? What moves you? Where are you in time and space? Where do you want to be? How do your systems look? Your context and within yourself? To understand the power of observation. The change of perspectives. To build your system. To understand that discipline is a thread that connects and serves as a guideline to all the elements present in your life. And to see creativity as a tool to act within your systems. This is my nerdy side and story, connecting discipline to creativity, multidisciplinary studies, art and business.


creatives, entrepreneurs and business people. Tools, tricks and insights about discipline, systems thinking/mapping and the understanding that creativity can be part of everyones personal, or working, routine.


motivational talks or workshops, where I will give you tips, tricks and tools to work on yourself and your business. Short or long. To small or bigger groups.

express your emotions, desires & perspectives creatively

have you ever experienced a state of flow? Do you want to understand more about imagination and creation? To unblock, discover and express creativity? To be creative is to connect to our inner emotions. To look inside and then to express it out. It’s not thinking, it’s feeling. And letting it flow. This is my pure and intuitive artist talking, teaching and connecting to your artist.


creatives, entrepreneurs and business people who want to find a little escape of their routines. That have the will to get in touch with other creative sides. It’s really about the freedom to create, in the moment, and with whatever you have in hand.


motivational talks or workshops, where I will give you tips, tricks and tools to work on your creative genius. Short or long. To small or bigger groups.

sell your art & services organically

what are you made of? What are you working on right now? Are you creating a series, or getting ready for an exhibition? What you are creating, really reflects who you are? Do you need a hand with analysing your points of contact? A little push to your presence in the market? It’s all about what your creation means to you. What it expresses, your identity, the way you are selling it, why you are selling it. Art is expression, it’s intimacy, it’s expression - but it’s also a creation and your time - and that has a value in the world. I can give you a hand - or maybe a little push - to find your way during a certain period. For how long? Well, let’s understand your scenario and define that together.


creatives and artists who need a little outside perspective - and push. Someone who will ask the questions, to make you think a bit beyond the point you are standing on right now. You are unique, and so is your art. So let’s talk and understand your scenario.


time bound, one on one experiences. On or offline.

talk @ Uniso, university in sorocaba, brazil, 2018
talk @ Uniso, university in sorocaba, brazil, 2018
talk @ Uniso, university in sorocaba, brazil, 2018
workshop "fragmento, conexão & sistema" são paulo, brazil, 2019
workshop "fragmento, conexão & sistema" são paulo, brazil, 2019
workshop "pixel, patch & pattern" @ initiative forum, järna, sweden, 2019
open space workshop @ Initiative Forum, järna, sweden, 2019
workshop @ Initiative Forum, järna, sweden, 2019
workshop @ Initiative Forum, järna, sweden, 2019
workshop @ Initiative Forum, järna, sweden, 2019

let's Art chat.

I like talking about the art business. doesn't really matter how or where.
let's create something together?
  • são paulo, brazil
  • zürich, switzerland