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it's me, kalina juzwiak

a few years ago, around 2012, my belly grew big, my energy levels went down. I was not pregnant, at least not in the usual way. My body was talking to me. My soul was restless. I could not endure the denial routine I put myself into, any longer. I was giving birth to a new being. A whole new me. A new moment. Change. Transformations that became part of my journey until now. I just didn't know what it was back then...

hello, kaju :)

fast forward a few years, Kalina Juzwiak became a creative and artistic entrepreneur, who seeks to inspire and provoke reflection through compositions that stand out for their balance and aesthetic care. Her creations directly reflect the way she lives: the precision and fluidity of her lines are also the discipline and creativity present in her everyday life. Thus, more than living from art, Kalina chooses to live her art, every day. In this process, people and companies have already chosen her to create disruptive experiences and enable projects with relevant social impact.

my values remain
the same.


to make the most positive
impact as possible.


to move efficiently and with precision.
even when changing routes is needed.


to imagine, believe,
plan, execute and iterate.


to connect the dots
and act on the intersections.


"i know that I know nothing"
evolution is a constant journey.


to learn to fall and get up stronger
to embrace all phases of the achievements.


to be open and vulnerable to
embrace everyone’s perspective.


to walk the talk.

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December 14, 2019

the otter gang

The Otter Gallery is an experience based and the first concept gallery where art meets hospitality. On this Episode, Hector, the gallery's mascot, travelled through different parts of the globe, and invited other creatures of his kind to join his gang. The Otter Gang - is not made of male or female Otters, but rather a collection of unique personalities and characters- which I created. For this project, I explored the subject of the self. A process of deconstructing layers within every human and then rebuilding the concept that if a person has multiple selves, based on characteristics and skills, the true authenticity lies in connecting and integrating all diversity into a unity. In the most unique way.
June 28, 2019

a place formely unsuspected

"for this show, the exhibition space became a place, formerly unsuspected, where three visual explorations of the process and the idea of change come together. Whether this change has its origin in a geographical displacement, in the end or the beginning of a cycle, or in an unstoppable process such as ageing, it doesn’t matter. Change is the one unchanging thing in life, and the abstract concept that Kalina Juzwiak (kaju), Lara M. Shin and Maja Juzwiak seek to transform into a visual experiment, inspired by their own personal experiences with facing and dealing with change." [ la cápsula : art space and curatorial project ]
January 25, 2018

colors of são paulo

a collective exhibition curated by Vera Simões, as a tribute for São Paulo's "birthday" on January 25th, hosted by Casa Portugal.
November 25, 2017


An experiment, that aggregated artistic manifestations and aimed to instigate and inspire the connection of two women - the artists Kalina Juzwiak and Clara Coutinho. Vulnerability and courage, strength and intentionality transit through the overlapping of visions, naked body stamps, lines and movement.
June 19, 2018

cut the ties and jump

“cut the ties and jump” was an exhibition that reflected Kalina’s stage in life - during that time and space. A time in which she was connecting to her inner self, through connecting to the nature that surrounded her. A focus on living, learning, and transforming in a fulfilling way - within natural surroundings. Like a walk inside a forest with no destination. Or a swim between the waves that dance during a storm. A cutting of ties, imagined and real - a jump into the unknown.
still interested?

ok, read my full story below:

my name is Kalina Juzwiak – many know me as just “kaju”. I was born in Brazil, but I also carry the Swiss and Polish nationalities. For most part of my journey I have lived in my country of origin and it was there that I chose Architecture and Urbanism as my first step to understand my environment. After working with national and international teams in architectural competitions (contests) - I found my real passion in the union of multi-cultural references, personal creative tools and multidisciplinary projects.
that is why I decided to look deeper into Graphic Design, which I studied - also in São Paulo - thus adding other capacities to my tool box. From an early age, artistic expressions have been part of my life, but only a few years ago have they become the link between all areas of my interest. Today, I make art with an aesthetic and systemic view. I am a focused and productive creative human, by uniting my discipline and determination to a pro-active imagination.
i am constantly developing my skills in transforming compositions into provocative movements and moments of reflection to those observing it. And that is why people and avant-garde companies choose me to transform their visions into reality and to create disruptive projects and experiences. I use creativity, discipline and systems thinking as tools for expression, conscience and transformation of my context. I have the aim to actively inspire change.
discipline is something very present in my life from my early years. For some time I struggled to see the connections of being an artist, and yet a very organized human. I couldn’t find the connection between my two sides, my two roots, until the day I perceived it as the thing that could give my creativity the wings to fly. To apply discipline in my daily routine, creations and connections. Mutual respect, the management of time, deadlines, valuing the work, the negotiation and punctuality are just some parts of this universe. Personal and professional lives are in unison (are one). And in this understanding I united art and business, discipline and creativity, chaos and order, and started to spread my experience, learnings, good and bad paths - to inspire other creatives to live well as artists.

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thanks for being here. I found a kind of manifesto to my self that I wrote back in 2013 and wanted to share with you :)

"today I can say I embrace my most inner desires to be artistic and audacious I surrender to the need of being surrounded by beauty in all forms that represent the authenticity and love for creativity. I am now defined and choosing my life purpose as an artist and designer and refuse to spend the rest of my days pursuing anything that is not aligned with that purpose. I am ready and open to follow the success paths which are unfolding in front of me at this very moment. The universe conspires to bring me the perfect opportunities for wealth, happiness and peace of mind. I will listen to people and to my own heart, because it might be inspiring in ways I will not expect. But will not shrink when people diminish or laugh at my views and artistic ambitions. It doesn have to be right or wrong, just let it flow. I will challenge myself to try new things, to create every day, to promote, initiate and encourage arts. Help others in any way I can, share my creations often, live up to my potential. Have a crazy idea or two from time to time. Learn to say no from time to time. Not necessarily have a plan. If it scares me at some point, good, that will mean that I am putting myself out there. The sum of the parts. Breathe deeply and inhale the life that surrounds me. Always remember to have fun, be excited and be amazed. Smile at all times, create happiness and live a colourful life. This is only the start of my journey."